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Helping small and medium size businesses grow their online presence and enlightening about digital marketing use to reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable.

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Are You Postponing Digital Marketing?

Majority of small and medium size businesses postpone putting time and effort into digital marketing for variety of reasons. Small businesses believe that they don’t have the time or the money to be competitive online. Also take things slowly and to stick with one or two basic forms of advertising, assuming that their business will evolve with time.

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How Digital Marketing Works?

Digital marketing works for all businesses, when it is create a strategy that is unique to your business’s needs. Internet marketing is not one-size-fits-all. You could use a few or all of the tools combined for your digital marketing campaign depending on your business category, your preferred audience, business objectives, and your business size. By using the right form of digital marketing, you will be able to attract the intended audience to your business, build awareness, engage them and shorten the buyer’s journey. 

Digital Marketing Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Staying on search engine first page and get organic visitors to the company website is the aim of every company. That is why we have the right team and experience in developing websites that are search engine friendly. We follow the best and most ethical practices such as semantic coding to ensure that your website is as visible and index able as possible by search engines.

  1. Content Marketing

Content writing is typically creating contents for web. This content can include sales copy, e-books, podcasts, and text for graphics. We produce the content for many different types of websites, including blogs, social networks, e-commerce sites, news aggregators, and college websites. Content writing accomplishes the task by researching and deciding what information to include or exclude from the site.

  1. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

In simple words, every time a user clicks on your advertised ad, you would have to pay for the number of clicks. It’s the easiest and quickest way to gain traffic to your website. The traffic received through this method is not considered organic. Nonetheless, it’s still important to use PPC advertising as SEO takes time to work to bring in organic traffic.

  1. Website Marketing

Building a simple website is not enough in the fast-growing digital world of business. Yet the website has to be unique and make a sense of familiarity, user-friendly, and easy to navigate yet contain all the necessary content and information.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks are now a substantial part of every marketing strategy, and the benefits of using social media are so great that anyone not implementing this cost-effective resource is missing out on a phenomenal marketing opportunity.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing may not be the primary source to generate fresh leads to your business, but it is more often used as a form of communication with your customer who has liked your services or products and has chosen to subscribe to your business updates.

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Success Stories

Zam Zam Doors Automation

Website: www.zamzamdoor.com

Golden Star Facility Management

Website: www.goldenstarfm.com

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Why Any Company Needs Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing Builds Brand Recognition

Digital Marketing Levels the Online Playing Field

Digital Marketing Reaches Mobile Users

Digital Marketing Helps Businesses Stay a Step Ahead of Their Competition

Digital Marketing is Less Expensive than Traditional Advertising

Digital Marketing Provides Businesses with Additional Sales Channels

Digital Marketing Packages

Website Design and Development

Search Engine Optimization 

Content Writing

Digital Worms

Silver Package

1500 AED / Month

Website Design and Development

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Content Writing

Digital Worms
Gold Package 2000 AED / Month

All Digital Marketing Strategies Mentioned Above 

Digital Worms
Platinum Package 2500 AED / Month